August 15

Comparing iPad models

Do you have a favorite iPad? Do you own more than one? If so, which is your favorite? I do not personally own more than one iPad but my sister has before owned more than one. She is the school teacher I told you about in another post. She was given an iPad 1 to help her be more technologically prepared to be a teacher. After about a year, she was given an upgrade and now has an iPad 2. She likes the iPad 2 better as it is more advanced than the iPad one.

Here is some information about the different types of iPads and comparing them in the youtube video above.

The youtube video shows a performance test of the iPad 1, 2, 3, and 4. The geek bench test didn’t work on the iPad 1. The iPad air has the most powerful processor with a score of 2188 (iPad 1 – 999, iPad 2 – 1887, iPad 3 – 1009 and iPad 4 – 1598). The iPad air is very fast as far as loading an app and the processing power is getting so much better with each new device. The next test is test the 3-D capabilities of the iPads and the results of the 3D mark and the graphics and the iPad air is leaps and bounds above the original iPad. The iPad air runs more quickly than the other iPads and processes things more quickly. The iPad 2 frames per second are at 7.5 where as the iPad air the frames per second are at 57.3. The video also talks about how quickly the iPads shut off and turn back on. This was a boot up and shut down test without any apps running in the back ground. The iPad 1 shut off the quickest but the iPad Air turned on the more quickly than the rest. Watch the YouTube video to see what else is compared among the iPads.

I found this youtube video helpful if you are tech savvy and interested in knowing the processing capabilities of your iPad. If you enjoyed this little iPad review, check back in and see what else I’ve posted in the days to come.

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August 9

Who doesn’t want an iPad?

I remember when my sister first got an iPad.  She is a teacher and her school offered her one because she is a teacher, to help her as a teacher at her school.  I remember thinking, “oh, that is so cool, she is lucky!”  Then my sister-in-law was getting one from my brother for Christmas.  Next thing I knew, my other brother was getting an iPad mini for his wife for Christmas.  I felt kind of left out but it was not too big of a deal.  I soon got over it and moved on.  I was happy for them that they actually had the money to splurge and buy one.

When I first heard about the Apple iPad, I had the mentality that it would be amazing to be able to get one but I knew it was not in the near future.  It was not going to happen anytime soon because it was not a priority and my wife and I are really frugal and it would be hard to justify buying one as they are quite pricy.

I got hooked up with an iPhone through my work.  My business partner gave me his old phone and then he said the business would pay for the plan.  I think my business partner thought I needed to get with the times and upgrade my phone.  They were going to add me to their plan and pay for it.  Nice!  I will take it!  Getting hooked up!  Eventually, my business partner even added my wife to the family or business plan when she got her first iPhone.  That is another story!

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August 7

My iPad Basics…

This post is designated to share more in-depth details about me, the iPad! There are so many different things to manage when you are learning your new Apple iPad!  I’ll share a few here, right now.
Managing your iCloud storage can be a new concept to newbies.  It is really cool that you can store things on your cloud though!  My iPhone is always telling me I need to update my iCloud storage because it has not been updated in months. It also tells me often I am almost out of storage.  Did you know that you can upgrade or downgrade your storage?  I did not until recently.  You do not have to store everything on your cloud.  You can be selective to free up some storage space.  By deleting old emails, photographs you have already down loaded to your computer, notes, or documents you no longer need, you can free up storage space.  All you have to do is go to settings, click on iCloud, click on storage and then manage storage (these steps should be the same for iOS 8 or later).  You can then see what apps are backed up on iCloud and delete the ones you do not need backed up to create more storage space on your iPhone.  It will ask you if you want to turn off backups and delete the backup data from the cloud.  Be sure to save any data to your iCloud prior to doing this so that you save what you want saved.
Do you know how to add things to your iPad, iPhone or iPod by using iTunes?  First, connect your iPad or iPhone to your computer and make sure you have the most recent version of iTunes downloaded and if you do not, download it.  After you have pulled up iTunes, select what you want to download to your iPad or iPhone and drag it to your iPad, iPhone or iPod and bippity-boppity boo, there you go!  Enjoy!

So your iPad and iPhone come with apps that are already downloaded on it but you may want to download more, right?  Most likely you will want to download more!  I know I have downloaded more and more apps over time as I learn about new apps, especially the free ones! LOL  The first thing you want to do is go to the App Store.  You can search for a specific app by entering it in the search box.  This is usually how I find apps I have heard about and I’m interested in downloading.  There are a lot of free apps out there but some do vary in price.  The second step is to click on the price and then your device will ask for your iTunes account details.  Once you have entered your information correctly, the app will begin downloading.  After it has downloaded, you can arrange your apps where ever you would like them.  You can keep them in folders to consolidate them or you can just keep them on your home screens if you prefer to do it that way.

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August 3

iPad Freeze Problems

Have you ever had issues with your iPad freezing up?  Could it be because you have so many stinking tabs open?  I often complain to my wife that my iPad is freezing up.  She has had to remind me a couple of times now that it may be because I have too many tabs open.  At times, I get researching a ton of topics and do not have time to finish looking over all of them so I leave the tabs open.
Do you ever do the same thing?  Well, if you do, it makes your iPad, Mac Book, or iPhone work harder than it needs to or harder than it can handle and it makes it run slower.  Slow like a turtle.  This can be so dang annoying that I have often thought that the internet is just being slow and I will try again later when it is running faster. One day though, I told my wife what was going on and she seemed to not be having any problems with the internet as she was working on her Mac Book Pro. Just earlier in the day, my iPad was freezing up on me and I eventually just gave up and put it down because I thought the internet was just slow and having issues. Well, to my surprise it was not the internet at all, it was the 100 or so tabs I had up that were slowing my iPad down. To help you better grasp this concept, imagine your little hard working hard drive as a librarian getting books and what have you in a rather large open space library. The more requests you give her, the longer it will take to get more accomplished. If you do not request too much of her at once, she can be really proficient in her job. There really is no difference with your iPad and other technologies.
I hope now I have learned that I need to only keep maybe two or three tabs open at a time while surfing the internet or doing research.  It’s probably best to just go through and close out of everything at the end of the day.  I’ll probably forget and have to be reminded again to close out of my 100 plus tabs that I have opened but such is the life.

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