August 3

iPad Freeze Problems

Have you ever had issues with your iPad freezing up?  Could it be because you have so many stinking tabs open?  I often complain to my wife that my iPad is freezing up.  She has had to remind me a couple of times now that it may be because I have too many tabs open.  At times, I get researching a ton of topics and do not have time to finish looking over all of them so I leave the tabs open.
Do you ever do the same thing?  Well, if you do, it makes your iPad, Mac Book, or iPhone work harder than it needs to or harder than it can handle and it makes it run slower.  Slow like a turtle.  This can be so dang annoying that I have often thought that the internet is just being slow and I will try again later when it is running faster. One day though, I told my wife what was going on and she seemed to not be having any problems with the internet as she was working on her Mac Book Pro. Just earlier in the day, my iPad was freezing up on me and I eventually just gave up and put it down because I thought the internet was just slow and having issues. Well, to my surprise it was not the internet at all, it was the 100 or so tabs I had up that were slowing my iPad down. To help you better grasp this concept, imagine your little hard working hard drive as a librarian getting books and what have you in a rather large open space library. The more requests you give her, the longer it will take to get more accomplished. If you do not request too much of her at once, she can be really proficient in her job. There really is no difference with your iPad and other technologies.
I hope now I have learned that I need to only keep maybe two or three tabs open at a time while surfing the internet or doing research.  It’s probably best to just go through and close out of everything at the end of the day.  I’ll probably forget and have to be reminded again to close out of my 100 plus tabs that I have opened but such is the life.

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Posted August 3, 2015 by Jericho in category "General