August 9

Who doesn’t want an iPad?

I remember when my sister first got an iPad.  She is a teacher and her school offered her one because she is a teacher, to help her as a teacher at her school.  I remember thinking, “oh, that is so cool, she is lucky!”  Then my sister-in-law was getting one from my brother for Christmas.  Next thing I knew, my other brother was getting an iPad mini for his wife for Christmas.  I felt kind of left out but it was not too big of a deal.  I soon got over it and moved on.  I was happy for them that they actually had the money to splurge and buy one.

When I first heard about the Apple iPad, I had the mentality that it would be amazing to be able to get one but I knew it was not in the near future.  It was not going to happen anytime soon because it was not a priority and my wife and I are really frugal and it would be hard to justify buying one as they are quite pricy.

I got hooked up with an iPhone through my work.  My business partner gave me his old phone and then he said the business would pay for the plan.  I think my business partner thought I needed to get with the times and upgrade my phone.  They were going to add me to their plan and pay for it.  Nice!  I will take it!  Getting hooked up!  Eventually, my business partner even added my wife to the family or business plan when she got her first iPhone.  That is another story!

I remember when my wife finally got an iPhone.  She was talking to a good friend and they were talking about the latest and greatest iPhone.  Her friend was lucky, she had one.  My wife thought to herself, “maybe someday I will have one of those.”  My wife told me that she thinks her friend felt bad for her that she was so out dated because she was not up with the technology that everyone else was catching up to.  My wife’s sad phone just had the basics and necessities, no internet capabilities or anything like that. She could call and text and that was about it.  She was okay with that because that was all she really needed.  I mentioned earlier that this friend of my wife’s felt sorry for her…so sorry for her that she said, “you know my husband still has his old iPhone 1 and he doesn’t use it or need it anymore.  I’ll ask him if you can have it.”  My wife thought, “oh, that would be so so cool!”  She did not really hold her breath though because she was not sure which way it could go.  To my wife’s delight and surprise, her friend’s husband gave her his old phone.  She was excited to learn about the iPhone, have the internet on her phone and be able to download apps.  What would she download?  Games?  Probably….and much, much more!

Well, back to the iPad!  I finally got one because my work signed up for Dish and my business partner already had one and so he said I could have it.  It pretty much just fell into my lap.  Hey, I will take it!  Any day!  Who does not like freebees!  I was grateful and my wife was excited!  She uses it more than I do and she calls it her iPad.  My wife had downloaded games and other apps.  She watches Dish, Netflix and the CW on it quite often.  She manages her email on it, takes pictures and videos with it, surfs the internet and even lets the kids play games or watch something now and again.

On that note, can your kids navigate their way around an iPad?  My kids sure can!  Even though my two year old rarely gets on the iPad, when he does, he has figured out his way around it super quick.  Kids these days are being exposed to technology which could be a good thing and a bad thing.  My wife doesn’t like my kids spending a ton of time on it, so she limits their time on it.  Here is a video tutorial on the basics of using an iPad.

Do your kids have their own iPads or iPhones?  Do they spend an enormous amount of time on it or on another device.  I swear kids, teenagers and adults these days are so disconnected from the world because they are glued to their devices.  I try to limit my time on my phone, iPad or computer when my kids are awake unless it’s something pressing or something we are researching, watching or doing together.

That leads me to another point, about being disconnected from the world, from building relationships by actually talking.  People prefer convenience these days over being social and building relationships.  Everyone does it, everyone is disconnected to a certain degree.  When you needed to talk to someone before texting was available, you would call them and talk to them.  Now that texting is available and convenient, everyone does it.  I will admit it is easier.  It is more convenient.  Everyone is doing it.  But it has drawbacks too.  My wife would say that she prefers it because it is hard for her to get on the phone when the kids are home because the second she gets on the phone, they need her or all heck breaks loose.  I can attest to that because I experience that almost every day.  Our phone conversations are short and sweet and to the point because the kids are loud in the back ground and I can not handle all the noise going on in the background so I always cut our conversations short to keep my sanity.

One awesome feature about apple products is the ability to do FaceTime.  I really enjoy Face Timing because you get to see the person and converse with them.  My kids love it to!  This will defiantly have to be another post!  Thanks for reading and check back soon to see what is new!

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