August 15

Comparing iPad models

Do you have a favorite iPad? Do you own more than one? If so, which is your favorite? I do not personally own more than one iPad but my sister has before owned more than one. She is the school teacher I told you about in another post. She was given an iPad 1 to help her be more technologically prepared to be a teacher. After about a year, she was given an upgrade and now has an iPad 2. She likes the iPad 2 better as it is more advanced than the iPad one.

Here is some information about the different types of iPads and comparing them in the youtube video above.

The youtube video shows a performance test of the iPad 1, 2, 3, and 4. The geek bench test didn’t work on the iPad 1. The iPad air has the most powerful processor with a score of 2188 (iPad 1 – 999, iPad 2 – 1887, iPad 3 – 1009 and iPad 4 – 1598). The iPad air is very fast as far as loading an app and the processing power is getting so much better with each new device. The next test is test the 3-D capabilities of the iPads and the results of the 3D mark and the graphics and the iPad air is leaps and bounds above the original iPad. The iPad air runs more quickly than the other iPads and processes things more quickly. The iPad 2 frames per second are at 7.5 where as the iPad air the frames per second are at 57.3. The video also talks about how quickly the iPads shut off and turn back on. This was a boot up and shut down test without any apps running in the back ground. The iPad 1 shut off the quickest but the iPad Air turned on the more quickly than the rest. Watch the YouTube video to see what else is compared among the iPads.

I found this youtube video helpful if you are tech savvy and interested in knowing the processing capabilities of your iPad. If you enjoyed this little iPad review, check back in and see what else I’ve posted in the days to come.

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