October 5

Men Vs. Women Health

I recently read that there was a study conducted that showed that men do not require as much sleep as women do to function properly and even further that women and sleep deprivation can cause a lot of health complications. As a bonus to me being a male, the study further concluded that there is no true correlation to a male’s general health factor and a lack of sleep.

I found this study to be both fascinating and intriguing as well as possibly controversial. That is why I am sharing it on here with my audience. I personally took this as permission to stay up as late as I want as often as I want and it apparently it not good for my health despite what research is claiming. So I was wondering what others have to say about this and thought I would quickly share this and see what kind of response I would get back? I am looking forward to your feedback and will get some sleep now.

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Posted October 5, 2015 by Jericho in category "General