November 18

Christmas Approaching

I was wondering if anyone out there is as excited as I about Christmas approaching! I for one absolutely love the Holidays! But then again I love Jesus and everything that he stands for. So with the Christmas Season fast approaching us, I get goosebumps. I am truly one who can feel the “Christmas Spirit” as far as peace on earth and goodwill toward men! Now some secular groups are trying to take the Christ out of Christmas (X-mas)! I do not understand what is happening to this great nation of ours?

I think it is already a huge battle corporate America has won in commercializing the Holiday with spending money and thinking that giving gifts is what it is all about. The symbolism of the three wise men offering their very best to the newborn King is but a tiny part of the entire Christmas experience. Take for instance the candy cane. That over time has lost it’s true meaning. The candy cane is a small representation of the shepherds staff as they were looking over the sheep prior to an Angel visiting them and proclaiming the birth of the Messiah! Speaking of Angel, the star at the top of a Christmas tree is to represent the Northern star shining the way for the three wise men to find Christ. The tree is a supposed to be symbolic of the light broadening as it is shining down.

I hope that any of you reading this will take the time to get to know Christ a little bit better this Holiday Season! It is not cliche to say or hear the words “true meaning of Christmas”! It is my hope and prayer that you all find it and if you already have it in your heart, may you not be like the Grinch and keep it to yourself, but rather have Christmas Cheer all year round proclaiming His Holy Name!

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