February 24

Recent Ski Getaway!

I had the awesome luxury and opportunity to visit a wonderful ski and snowboard resort/lodge in Utah two weeks ago called Solitude! They are a wonderful resort with many different amenities and terrain to explore. I believe they were recently acquired by Deer Valley which is a very prestigious ski resort located in Park City, Utah. Solitude is a great alternative when it comes to the ability to snowboard since Deer Valley is snooty (for a lack of a better term) and will not allow snowboarders onto their resort.

On the same note, do not get me started when it comes to the amazing snow in Utah. However with all that great snow, comes the potential for ice and rapid snow melt! Having said that; as an “out of towner” I parked my rental car too close to the front entrance of my lodging accommodations and wouldn’t you know it…..CRACK! My windshield was shattered into a million little pieces. I became very nervous and unsettled as I was in need of the best professional window replacement Utah (SLC Windows) has to offer and fast! Fortunately I was able to find service, which seemed to be nothing short of a miracle (that is why I am putting them in this blog for their super service and speedy response).

Anyways, after the initial mess up with the windshield and getting over that headache and hurdle I was abel to refocus and have an epic journey at Solitude resort up Big Cottonwood Canyon in Utah. Did I mention that they have the greatest snow on earth? They really do. If you do not believe me you have to see it for yourself! I have never been to Utah and thought they are just making some outlandish claim as to the greatest snow on earth! But it is true. So light and fluffy and on a good snow (powder) day you can have your tracks refilled by the time you get off the lift on another run.

To anybody seriously considering going to Utah for a skiing or snowboarding trip…do it! I promise you will not regret it! Please feel free to leave any comment and I will be happy to respond as soon as possible. Have a wonderful day and thanks for reading!


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