March 11

Taking Care of Self (Mind, Body & Soul)!

Did you get your yearly flu shot this year?  Do you get it every year?  They say that if you get it every year you build up a better immunity over the years to ever getting the flu because you got your flu shot.  Are you a believer?

My wife refuses to get a flu shot because it makes her sick.  She always talks about how when she has gotten it in the past she gets really sick.  Well, they are injecting a strain of the flu into you, right?  She would rather chance it throughout the flu season than to get the flu shot, get sick and be done (hopefully) getting sick during the flu season.

As for me, my mom has always had us get the flu shot growing up as long as I can remember.  Probably as long as they have offered it.  So, I still get it every year and I have my three kids get the flu shot or flu mist as well.  At times, I feel flu like symptoms but it’s not enough to make me miserable and not want to get it.  My kids seem to do well getting it as well.

My kids have actually had croup and are finally recovering from their coughs.  I hate to see my kids sick, it breaks my heart.  I have a two year old, almost three and he doesn’t get it, being sick and stay away from your sister or don’t drink out of her cup.  Well, he did and sure enough he got the croup.  My oldest got a cough but not the crummy croup like my five year old and two year old got.  So if we can stay healthy this flu season, I’ll do what it takes because my kids have been miserable and I have been freaking out about germs, washing hands, covering mouths, and putting your cups where brother can’t get them, etc…  Gratefully I didn’t get it.  I fought getting it but didn’t get it thank goodness!

There has been a lot of stuff going around.  When I took my kids to the doctor’s office I asked the nurse about strep and if it was going around.  She said it never stopped going around.  Usually, strep clears up through the summer months but it never stopped going around this year.  I was grateful my kids didn’t have strep because I don’t want them to be susceptible to it at all.  I’ve never had strep, knock on wood but my wife on the other hand gets it every year it seems.

So back to the topic, should I get a flu shot.  Health care providers recommend that if you are 6 months old or older you should get a yearly flu shot.  I’ve also heard that they strongly recommend it for the elderly as the flu has killed many elderly people over the years.  One new benefit recently discovered of the flu shot is that getting a flu shot reduces the risk of getting pneumonia which is connected with getting the flu.  Pneumonia is the leader in death and hospitalization in the United States.

Guess who has had pneumonia?  Well, my wife has had it…go figure huh!  Get your flu shot people!

Another really important thing to do beyond caring for your body through flu shots, is to take care of your mind and soul. A lot of signal interference to those two parts of your existence can become quickly clouded through substance abuse issues. If you can, get dialed in with your local 12 step program and attend such meetings as Alcoholics Anonymous (AA), Narcotics Anonymous (NA), etc. and learn of new and healthier ways to stop hurting yourself.

Granted, sometimes the disease of addiction can become so intertwined with your thoughts and body physiologically that you now have a hijacked brain and will most likely require professional treatment help to ever stop using. I have found that the rehabs in Utah have the most qualified treatment professionals than any other state in America.

Utah has the highest accidental overdose rate as well as prescription pill abuse and IP downloads for pornography. Now these statistics do not make them better than any other state upon first glance. Quite the contrary our natural intuition thinks, in fact! However, what the stats do mean is that Utah has a lot of shame-based issues to address and has been rapidly forced to learn how to treat such issues. Utah has well become the voice of reason when it comes to substance abuse and mental health disorders treatment.

Please do everyone a favor and take care of your self by addressing your mind, body and soul in every healthy way possible. I promise that you will not regret living a happier, healthier lifestyle for the rest of your days on earth. What do you have to lose except for feeling miserable all the time? Please feel free to comment below if you have any further questions or just want to add your two cents worth! I look forward to hearing from you! Have a wonderful day.

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Posted March 11, 2016 by Jericho in category "General