July 31

iPads and more…

Are you a fan of the Apple products on the market today?  Do you even know the latest and greatest iPhone or iPad they just put on the market?  Until recently, I did not own an iPhone.  We have had an iPad 2 for a couple of years now.  My wife has been a fan of the Mac Book Pro since she used one as a teacher (which was provided to her by the school she taught at) six or so years ago but I have always been an Apple fan, especially when it comes to computers…since before I can remember.

Can anyone ever keep up with Apple Computers these days? Let alone all of their amazing products they keep putting out. Well the answer is no, however we will do our best to keep you up to date with all of the practical applications you can have with your iPad as well as all the other items they offer. Of course this blog will also provide reviews on product beyond just the iPad.

One thing I think you will enjoy, is our practical and “real-life” approach in our blog reviews.

1.) We are not going to sell anything from this website so you know our reviews, etc. are not loaded with hidden agenda!

2.) We are not representing Apple, Inc. in any way so we do not get proceeds for promoting their products, we just love them.

3.) We plan on sharing actual experiences and occurrences with Apple products, etc. in order to help our readers grasp the most authentic reviews possible.

We also understand that you have some stories and experiences to share as well, so please do not be shy and post as many comments as you read so we can become a strong iPad, Apple Inc. fan online community. I look forward to hearing from you all soon. Have an amazing day and remember…”an APPLE a day keeps the doctor away!”

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July 31

We Are Here!

We hope you will like our new design as much as we do!  It is still the same awesome Please Drive Through you all know so well. I feel like we should start out with covering an in-depth process about iPads if that is ok with all of you? Do you have any questions about your iPad?  Maybe you just purchased your first iPad.  If you have questions or concerns, we hope we can help!  That is what we are here for…to help you with questions or concerns you may have about your iPad!  We want you to have an enjoyable experience with the latest and greatest technology….the iPad so please let us know if you have questions and how we can help!

Are you familiar with the Apple products and how they work or is this new to you? Are you trying to learn the ins and outs of your iPad?  Do you have questions about what features your iPad has or what apps you can download on you iPad? Maybe your iPad is like a foreign object to you and you are trying to catch up with the technology of today.   I know my parents as well as my parents-in-law feel like all of this new technology, especially the iPad is a foreign object to them.  Of course, they haven’t learned computers, the internet and technology like today’s children are learning it.

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